I’m Dee Bonney, M.D. This is my personal blog, with no corporate affiliations, except for Prudent Layperson. I love to teach. I am a contributor to the podcast Peds:RAP. I trained in both emergency medicine as well as pediatrics.

I live in Indiana with my amazing wife, an ED nurse and nurse practitioner student, and our 5 little boys. Although I’m a passionate fan of the Colts and the Pacers, I don’t get a lot of opportunity at this stage of my life to attend the games. The kids keep us busy. While I enjoy golf, I’m not very good at it. Reading, jogging, and, rarely, scuba diving help me round out my leisure activity. I also enjoy flying planes.

I wanted to be a doctor since I can remember, literally. I blame that on my Dad. When I was just a toddler, he underwent his second kidney transplant. As I grew up watching him be the compliant patient, I saw the appreciation he had for his physicians. I came to realize that they gave me my Dad. He should have had progressive debilitation as dialysis in the 1970s took its tole on him. Instead, he was able to coach my little league baseball team. He and my Mom were able to parent me through my formative teenage years. So, it’s really no wonder that I always wanted to be a doctor.

After toiling through med school and residency, I have spent this last decade finding enjoyment in my specialty. These days, life is good. Now, I hope I can impart some pearls on my readers and impact more lives than just those that I encounter in person during a busy shift in the emergency department.